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PASSUR Patents

Patents and Intellectual Property

PASSUR invests continuously in research and development and intellectual property, which is reflected in an active patent program. Below is a list of awarded patents, with additional patents pending.

  1. System and Method for Airport Noise Monitoring: US Patent #9,218,742
  2. System and Method for Departure Metering from Airports: US Patent #9,180,978
  3. System and Method for Airport Surface Management: US Patent # 9,171,476
  4. System and Method for Providing Predictive Departure and Arrival Rates for an Airport: US Patent #9,142,134
  5. Reducing Airport Delays Using Information and Analytics: US Patent #8,612,126
  6. System and Method for Airport Surface Management: US Patent #8,554,457
  7. Surface Management at an Airport: US Patent # 8,473,126
  8. Stranded Aircraft Alerts Module: US Patent #8,199,030
  9. System and Method for Multi-Stage Tail Number Acquisition: US Patent #8,145,612
  10. System and Method for Locating Aircraft Passengers: US Patent #8,145,511
  11. System and Method for Predicting Aircraft Gate Arrival Times: US Patent #8,140,199
  12. Flight Track Display System Using Data from a Plurality of Sources: US Patent #8,068,039
  13. System and Method to Display Operational and Revenue Data for an Airport Facility: US Patent #8,010,282
  14. System and Method for Determining a Weight of an Arriving Aircraft: US Patent #7,970,619
  15. System and Method for Filling Available Airspace with Airplanes: US Patent #7,890,247
  16. System and Method for Providing Airport Financial Report: US Patent #7,859,433
  17. Reducing Airport Delays Using Passive Radar Information and Analytics: US Patent #7,778,768
  18. System and Method for a Smart Passenger Travel Kiosk: US Patent #7,628,324
  19. System and Method for Monitoring Airspace: US Patent #7,522,088
  20. System and Method for the Correlation of Multiple Data Feeds: US Patent #7,382,286
  21. Simplified Flight Track Display System: US Patent #6,992,596
  22. Apparatus and Method for Providing Live Display of Aircraft Flight Information: US Patent #6,792,340
  23. Error Correction of Messages by a Passive Radar System: US Patent #6,778,133