Who We Are

What Makes Us Unique



Our People

The PASSUR team brings years of collective experience, passion, and commitment to core areas of aviation, with subject matter experts in:

  • Airlines: System operations, air traffic management, surface management, financial analysis, operations research, airport operations
  • Airports: Airfield operations, environmental compliance, airport revenue management, collaborative surface management
  • Air Traffic Optimization: Collaborative decision making, air traffic flow management (surface and airspace), traffic management initiatives
  • Flight Operations: Performance Based Navigation (PBN), cockpit avionics
  • System Automation: Traffic management automation, metering and sequencing automation, information ergonomics and data visualization, data fusion

Read profiles of our Aviation Intelligence Center of Excellence team for more details.


Widespread Industry Adoption

We work with all the top North American airlines throughout their operations at the system and airport levels, and with more than 60 airport customers, 200+ FBOs, and the US government. Our Connectivity and Collaboration platform provides immediate information in real time to an additional 125 airlines worldwide, as well as 100+ airports.


Our Platform

The PASSUR Platform is a unique aviation intelligence resource which:

  • Integrates and makes available data and information from all key stakeholders, and is trusted by them to blend these disparate streams into an integrated whole that would not be possible on their own.
  • Represents operational best practices from all stakeholders, in the form of software and decision support solutions that have been designed from the ground up with input from some of the industry’s most experienced leaders in airline, airport, business aviation, and government – in operations, marketing, finance, and air traffic management.
  • Provides a set of solutions that allow stakeholders to identify and optimize the most expensive and complex constraints in the system, and measure the results.


Integrated Surveillance Network and Aviation Database

PASSUR operates one of the world’s most extensive private aircraft and airspace passive surveillance networks, deployed at more than 180 airports in North America, Europe, and Asia. By fusing data from our proprietary sensor network with multiple additional sources of data, PASSUR creates a unique, continuous flight, airspace, and airport data acquisition resource.

  • Our extensive database – aviation’s “Big Data” – contains years of stored flight, airspace, and airport data that is integrated and correlated to support predictive analytics, performance analysis, performance base-lining and outcomes measurements, and detailed modeling and planning.


Predictive Analytics

PASSUR decision support solutions are powered by predictive analytics algorithms. By using extensive historical data mining and pattern recognition, we can predict specific, detailed operational outcomes and generate accurate decision recommendations.

  • The PASSUR flight arrival prediction algorithm, used by many of the world’s largest airlines, generates 53% of all daily North American ETAs for scheduled passenger carriers.
  • PASSUR airport performance, configuration, and throughput predictions are used to optimize surface and terminal airspace operations.


Decision Support Dashboards, KPIs, and Management by Exception

Most PASSUR solutions are delivered in “dashboard” format. This simplifies and distills extensive amounts of information into the most relevant operational and business metrics, presenting them in a way that supports immediate performance assessment and actionable decisions.


Performance Measurement and Reporting

All PASSUR solutions include performance reporting tools that support data analysis for assessment of, and positive impact on, key performance indicators.


Our Ecosystem

PASSUR solutions include a collaborative layer—tools that enable instant information sharing, coordination of effort, and a common operating picture across a wide range of users in the aviation community. The PASSUR Connectivity and Collaboration platform is the most widely used commercial collaborative decision-making program in the industry.