Who We Are


The company’s Board of Directors currently has standing Audit, Compensation and Executive Committees; the following information outlines membership thereto:

Audit Committee:

  • Paul L. Graziani, Audit Committee Chair
  • Kurt J. Ekert, Audit Committee Member
  • Richard L. Haver, Audit Committee Member
  • Michael Schumaecker, Audit Committee Member
  • Robert M. Stafford, Audit Committee Member

Download the Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee:

  • Kurt J. Ekert, Compensation Committee Chair
  • Ronald V. Rose, Compensation Committee Member
  • Robert M. Stafford, Compensation Committee Member

Download the PASSUR Compensation Committee Charter

Executive Committee:

  • G.S. Beckwith Gilbert, Executive Committee Chair
  • James T. Barry, Executive Committee Member
  • Kurt J. Ekert, Executive Committee Member
  • Paul L. Graziani, Executive Committee Member

Technology Committee:

  • Mr. Ronald V. Rose, Technology Committee Chair
  • Mr. James T. Barry, Technology Committee Member
  • Mr. Paul L. Graziani, Technology Committee Member
  • Mr. Richard L. Haver, Technology Committee Member