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Development Engineer


Stamford, CT Office

Position Description

The Development Engineer will create, optimize, and maintain aviation and air traffic applications critical to PASSUR Aerospace and its clients. The applications are a critical component of the company operation, and include radar and sensor signal processing, data acquisition and distribution, data normalization and fusion, real-time concurrent processing, pattern recognition, and real-time and historical analytics. The applications also include program and user interfaces. The PASSUR applications improve daily operations at world’s largest airlines and airports, and have a potential to make further significant impact on air travel efficiency, comfort, and cost.


The position requires the ability to design new applications, modify complex existing applications, and maintain and troubleshoot legacy applications.

The Development Engineer will work closely with other developers, Product Managers, and other domain experts to understand and refine the product requirements. In some cases, the Development Engineer will interact with clients and prospective clients.

In its operational aspects, the position may require working outside the business hours for maintenance activities, and for troubleshooting important systems.

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Extensive experience in C required
  • Database data modeling and programming required
  • Experience with PostgreSQL preferred
  • Big Data tools experience (e.g. Hadoop) preferred
  • Experience in C++, Java, Python, preferred
  • Web design experience a plus: HTML, Javascript, PHP
  • System and network programming, including sockets, inter-process communications, signals, messaging middleware, multi-threaded processing
  • Statistical analysis tools (e.g. R) preferred
  • Scripting languages such as Python or Perl
  • Experience in RESTful service design preferred
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good communication skills

Email your resume and cover letter to resumes@passur.com.