Who We Are

Aviation’s Big Data


“PASSUR illustrates the power of big data, which allows accurate predictions, better decisions, and precise interventions, and can enable these things at seemingly limitless scale.”

“Big Data, The Management Revolution” Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, Harvard Business Review

At PASSUR we’ve been storing airport, airspace, and flight data – hundreds of parameters, thousands of updates (every 1.0–4.6 seconds) – for as long as 10 years, and in many locations, longer. We have over 180 company-owned surveillance sensors, covering hundreds of airports and their airspace, that integrate and fuse a multitude of additional data sources – government flight plans, en route tracking, surface tracking (TFM and ASDE-X), satellite-based aircraft positional updates (ADS-B), onboard positional updates (ACARS), airline flight status data (OOOI), airport gate and status data (AODB and NOTAMs), and many more.

the Big Deal about data

The unprecedented variety, longevity, and detail of aviation data we acquire, generate, store, and manage provide unique capabilities and value for our customers:

  • Predictive Analytics: Matching historical data on the fly to current dynamic conditions to see how often the same conditions occurred over time and what the outcomes were helps to make PASSUR’s flight, surface, and airspace predictions uniquely accurate.
  • Modeling and “What If” Scenario Building: Access to years of detailed aviation data allows our customers to develop precise models of different operational and business scenarios and outcomes, using real data instead of hypotheticals.
  • Measuring Outcomes: One of the biggest challenges in aviation is measuring the effects of a new initiative, investment, or program. PASSUR’s immense data reserve allows our customers to “baseline” the original state, then measure results using precise metrics for true “before and after” capability.
  • Data-Driven, Collaborative Continuous Improvement: Because of the complexity of aviation operations, many operational practices, decisions, and programs are followed simply because “the experts know best” and “we’ve always done it that way.” PASSUR’s data – stored and processed to help identify the most important variables, patterns, and relationships – helps to remove the subjectivity in analyzing problems and identifying solutions. This in turn empowers smart individuals to collaborate with objective, shared information.
  • Commercially Focused: PASSUR stores datasets, routinely discarded or not processed by governments, to support a commercial organization’s needs. PASSUR’s data is processed and designed to support the commercial requirements of our customers – for efficiency, business optimization, and customer care. There is a world of difference in what data you store and how you store it, depending on your mission. And our mission is to make our customers’ businesses more efficient, profitable, and predictable.