Who We Are


Our mission is to improve global air traffic efficiencies by connecting the world’s aviation professionals onto a single aviation intelligence platform, making PASSUR an essential element in tackling the $30 billion of system-wide inefficiencies.

We are an aviation intelligence company that makes air travel more predictable, gate-to-gate, by using predictive analytics generated from our own big data – to mitigate constraints for airlines and their customers.

The largest connected, global aviation customer network includes thousands of individuals, over 125 airlines, over 60 airports, over 200 business aviation organizations, and the US government.

The largest surveillance and data network of its type in the world includes terabytes of data from sensors, including aircraft, from all over the world. We’ve been storing flight, airspace, aircraft, and airport data – hundreds of parameters, thousands of updates (every 1.0–4.6 seconds) – for over 10 years, in hundreds of locations. We have over 180 company-owned surveillance sensors, covering hundreds of airports and their airspace. We integrate and fuse additional data sources – government flight plans, en route tracking, surface tracking, satellite-based aircraft positional updates, onboard aircraft positional updates, airline flight status data, and airport gate and status data.

Here are examples of how PASSUR facilitates data-driven decisions made by our experienced customers, who help make a difference to everyday travel:


53% of all US domestic commercial flights are managed with PASSUR predictive analytics for predicted arrival times, by using years of archived data, and real-time airspace analysis, allowing airlines and airports to always be ready for the aircraft. This capability reduces gate “unmets,” helping connections of people, crew, and bags, and getting the plane ready for its next departure, (if not, passengers are more likely to wait at the gate for the door to open, bags don’t get to their destination, or connections are missed). This single capability could save one airline over $15 million each year.


We maximize airspace, runways, and gate usage, by using predictive analytics to determine how airports should be configured to get the most out of their capacity, (if not, decisions are less likely to be data driven and instead based on experience only, resulting in fewer planes landing during busy times of the day). This single capability could save one airline over $12 million each year.


We help airlines, airports, and air traffic control prioritize departures to maximize capacity and minimize delays, by helping to ensure that all three stakeholders work in unison with the most accurate, timely information, (if not, departures push back from the gate whenever they’re ready, creating blocked gates and extended taxi delays). This single capability could save one airport, and its airlines, over $15 million each year.


The number of flights is increasing at a rate faster than the aviation infrastructure can keep up

  • Global air traffic is expected to increase by an average 4.1% per year over the next 20 years – resulting in 7.4 billion annual passengers by 2034 (double today’s 3.3 billion annual passengers).[1]
  • Based on that growth forecast, it could cost billions and take decades to build the runways, ramps, gates, etc. to meet the increasing demand.

There’s an explosion of data with a very complex airspace

  • There are 10 terabytes of data for every 30 minutes of flight. With >25,000 flights per day, that means petabytes daily.[2]
  • Airlines and airports want to know what to do with the data to help their operation.
  • Global and local air traffic (including en route, terminal, airport, ramp, and gate) is highly complex.
  • PASSUR has been accumulating and storing vast amounts of data from aircraft, airlines, airports, governments, and we have the experts that help to identify what’s important and what’s not (“signal from noise”) (PASSUR Aviation Intelligence Center of Excellence).

Airlines need context and solutions, not just data

  • PASSUR provides a web-based, aviation intelligence platform, with solutions that address constraints from gate-to-gate.
  • With our Center of Excellence, we develop our predictive analytics, which allow us to improve the predictability of flight.
  • Which help airlines and airports perform better, get the most out of today’s infrastructure, and provide the passenger an even better flight experience.

[1] International Air Transportation Association (IATA), October 2014

[2] Howard Charney, Senior Vice President, Office of the Chairman and CEO, Cisco