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PASSUR Visual Flight Tracking (Web Tracker)     Release 2.8, August 2017

PASSUR is pleased to announce the latest release of Visual Flight Tracking (Web Tracker), which includes affordable, high-reliability surface surveillance tailored for the commercial requirements of airlines and airports.  New capabilities in this release include:

  • Integration of more decision support capabilities (in this release: one-button access to the new PASSUR Deice Manager; requires separate subscription)
  • Ability to make the aircraft data tag color reflect same filter color as the aircraft icon
  • Quick access to FAA OIS page
  • One-button return to your last screen layout (“previous view”)


Integration of more decision support capabilities onto our visual flight tracking platform

  • PASSUR Deice Manager Deice Manager (requires separate subscription) creates a streamlined, centralized, automated process that ensures flights are sequenced just-in-time to the best-available deice capacity, ensuring the shortest pushback to takeoff time.

Ability to make the aircraft data tag color reflect the same filter color as the aircraft icon

  • Under the “Filters” menu, you can now ensure that the aircraft data tags match whichever filter color you have selected for the aircraft icons, creating icon-and-tag color unity for stronger visual support of your operational preferences.

Quick access to the FAA OIS page

  • Single-button access to FAA’s Operational Information System (OIS) page, where information about delays anywhere in the the National Air Space (NAS) is accessed.

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PASSUR Visual Flight Tracking (Web Tracker) Release 2.7.5, February 2017

PASSUR is pleased to announce the latest release of Web Tracker, our gate-to-gate flight and airspace visualization platform. This release provides new capabilities that support:

    • Enhanced management of surface fixed assets (gates, hardstands)
    • Enhanced management of airport mobile assets (construction vehicles, snowplows, etc.)
    • Easier software familiarization, especially for new functionalities
    • Quicker response time/decision time through enhanced visual presentation


New Capabilities in the Release

    Depicting Aircraft or Vehicles that are not Actively Under Surveillance:

  • The new “show/add/move persistent targets” capability allows users to create “pucks” depicting aircraft that are not in an active state or under surveillance. Pucks can be used to depict aircraft that are parked at a gate, have been towed off a gate to a parking spot, to a hardstand, or to an RON location.
  • Pucks also cover vehicles such as construction equipment, field maintenance, or snow removal equipment.

User Notification of Changes within Web Tracker

  • Web Tracker now includes new release announcements and easy accessibility to updated training documentation directly on the software

Updated Human Machine Interface

  • Map lines are now smoother and crisper
  • “Region Closure” overlay options: Users now can toggle the closed regions on/off, enhancing personalized views of Web Tracker.
  • Improved 757 ADSB position reports.
  • Improved call sign correlation initiated.
  • Enhanced tracking algorithm for displaying terminal surveillance radar information.
  • Web Tracker now includes new release announcements and easy accessibility to updated training documentation directly on the software

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PASSUR Airport Solutions Connectivity & Collaboration – February 2017

PASSUR has made several changes to its Connectivity & Collaboration platform, focusing on Airport Communicator, which are designed to further simplify, streamline, and centralize information management for airports and their stakeholders.

If you are an existing Airport Communicator subscriber, these upgrades are offered at no cost. Please contact us to arrange for your free upgrade.


Consolidated Emergency and Weather Information

Further centralizing critical information onto the platform, to enhance decision-making and a common operating picture.

  • One-stop shopping for emergency alerts: updates from airport emergency notification systems are now automatically integrated onto the Airport Communicator screen and routed to Airport Communicator mobile message subscribers. This eliminates the need for users and stakeholders to manage two systems for critical information updates.
  • One-stop shopping for aviation weather: the National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather Center (AWC) aggregates many of the most important and authoritative weather applications in one place, greatly facilitating information gathering and decision making. Access to the AWC is now a one-button service directly from the Airport Communicator site.

Response to Winter Operations Regulatory Changes

The FAA has significantly changed the way information about runway conditions during severe weather is reported – now supported on Airport Communicator, ensuring our members are up to date on the latest information requirements:

  • A new collapsible/expandable “RCAM (Runway Condition Assessment Matrix) Codes and Definitions” reference section below the Runways box on Communicator, provides quick look up for the new rules and procedures.
  • We’ve added a convenience link to the FAA’s TALPA (Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment) information page on the Communicator sidebar.

User Customization and Content Management

Greater flexibility and personalization in the way information is managed and consumed on Airport Communicator, to reflect the specific operational requirements of your airport, and work practices of your stakeholders – including mobile!

  • Mobile Enabled: users can view Communicator on phones and tablets
  • New Home Page: information reconfigured to make it easier to digest
  • User Configuration Layout: users now organize content by preference
  • User Save Layout: save preference profiles for easy retrieval
  • Document Management Tools: easy to use, airport-directed content management tools


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PASSUR Software Release: Enhancing Predictability, Reliability, and Capacity – September 2016

aerial view from the plane

In September 2016, PASSUR released new capabilities, which combined with our customers’ experience and expertise, improve the following operational metrics:

  • On-time arrivals and departures (and prioritized handling of high-value flights)
  • Quicker turn times to ensure your airframe, gate, and crew assets are optimized
  • Reductions in gate holds, tarmac delays, and extended taxi queues
  • Reductions in diversions and delays through proactive management of unpredicted capacity changes and disruptions


Surface Management – Prioritizing High-Value Flights, Proactively Avoiding Gate Conflicts

New Features for PASSUR Intelligent Query (P-IQ)

  • Create advance alerts and notifications for inbound flights at risk for a gate conflict, ahead of their arrival – enabling a window of decision flexibility to preserve on-time arrivals and connections (bags, passengers, crew) and reduce gate holds by proactively adjusting gate plans
  • Generate email alerts and notifications for all key flight metrics being tracked, enabling users to stay informed and proactive whether they are in the operations center or remotely on their mobile devices

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New Features for Web Tracker

(WT) (Visual Flight Tracking)

  • Mobilize your team around specific critical operational priorities by creating instant notifications about critical flight information (e.g., crew timeout deadline, tight flight crew connections, etc.)
  • Improve and maximize your productivity through options to customize the way you view and receive information, (e.g., easier display of critical flight information, easier ability to quickly turn on or off layers of airport surface information, new color and text options)

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Traffic Flow Management – Proactively Optimizing Arrivals and Departures

New Features for ATC Portal (ATCP)

  • A new layer of predictive visibility is now added to the PASSUR Flight Status Monitor (P-FSM): the most accurate view of actual departure demand available by airport – schedule, delays, cancellations, and actual queued/taxiing departures – to match the true arrival demand already part of P-FSM
  • This greatly expands your ability to proactively adjust to constantly changing capacity (e.g., accelerating a flight boarding to take advantage of an unplanned increase in departure capacity for high-value flight)

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Additional PASSUR Solution Upgrades Since the 2015 Customer Conference


At the 2015 PASSUR Customer Conference in Fort Lauderdale, we announced several major planned enhancements and new releases for the coming year. We’re pleased to share our progress to date with you.


Lighting Up the Last Mile

PASSUR surface surveillance (Surface Multilateration, or SMLAT) as a new capability, providing coverage gate to gate.

Report Card
  • PASSUR Surface Multilateration (SMLAT) systems have been installed at three major airports so far, and are contracted for three additional locations – all on behalf of some of our biggest airline partners, providing visibility and decision support in complex, congested surface areas.
  • Introduced low-cost surface vehicle tracking, to cover non-aircraft movements.
  • Adapted PASSUR departure metering and sequencing to both arrival and departure sequencing, to prioritize flights in congested gate complexes.
  • Gate Wait – alerts to aircraft that are experiencing gate holds (“unmets”).

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No More Surprises: ETAs Gate-to-Gate

Gate-to-gate arrival time prediction (or “extended ETA/XETA”), to provide the uniquely accurate PASSUR arrival time prediction through the entire flight.

  • Completed first phase – PASSUR ETA is now active from wheels up to gate in, ensuring early, consistently accurate ETAs to enable better decisions about connections, gate allocations, schedule adjustments, crew allocations, and many other ETA-dependent decisions.
  • Deployed this capability system-wide for the launch PASSUR airline customer (covering arrivals at 285 airports).
  • Up next: ETA will become active from gate push back (“out to off”).

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Visualize, generate alerts, and receive notifications for PASSUR’s multiple flight, airport, and airspace metrics to support operational and business priorities.

  • Launched P-IQ (“PASSUR Intelligent Query”) – enables airlines and airports to segment their most important operational objectives, and then automatically alerts and notifies them to actions they can take to achieve their goals.
  • Initial metrics supported: Preserving on-time scores, optimizing delay programs, optimizing turn times, prioritizing departure sequences, and de-conflicting surface bottlenecks.
  • Up next: Optimizing fuel costs, preserving connections, preventing crew timeouts, streamlining weight and balance closeout.

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Predicted Airport Demand

Helping all stakeholders understand the true expected demand in advance, to ensure optimal arrival capacity.

  • Launched PFSM (“PASSUR Flight Status Monitor”) – shows true inbound demand to determine the exact adjustments needed to preserve schedule integrity, prioritize high-value flights, proactively manage connections—and reduce congestion, disruptions, delay minutes, cancellations, and diversions.
  • Part of PASSUR Traffic Flow Management solution, enabling airlines, ATC, and airports to set the optimal arrival and departure rates by hour, 16 hours in advance.

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Connectivity and Collaboration

A total re-launch of the most widely used collaborative information exchange in aviation.

  • Launched PASSUR Airport Communicator – the newest release of the PASSUR connectivity platform further enhances seamless communication and coordination through mobile-device compatibility, greater user configurability, and new airport-directed content management.
  • Six additional airports have joined the platform: Ted Stevens Anchorage International (ANC), Reagan Washington National (DCA), Cleveland Hopkins International (CLE), Fairbanks International (FAI), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL), and Tampa International (TPA).

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Beyond Landing Fees

A single, national platform for airports and airlines to manage the full range of aviation fees and charges.

  • Launched PASSUR Integrated Fee Management platform, a centralized efficient portal into all PASSUR fee management capabilities.
  • Launched Gate Reports, to track gate utilization.
  • Launched Seat Reports, to track passenger volumes by gate and concourse.

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