For FBOs, growing the business requires growing the use of business intelligence to simplify and consolidate critical activities and processes, including marketing, fuel pricing, and customer service. With PASSUR’s integrated, web-based solutions, FBOs can be more proactive, strategic, and efficient – without struggling to react to changing prices and competitive pressures.

In addition to our long industry experience and proven technologies, what makes PASSUR distinctive are our networks: of radar installations, of information sources, and of customers. When you become a PASSUR customer, you join a network of industry leaders with real-time access to critical information who in turn feed our innovative solutions that target the specific business problems you face.

Traditionally, FBOs have had to rely on multiple software tools to accomplish key tasks – these siloed tools required extensive training and made it difficult to assemble a clear, comprehensive, and accurate picture of key performance indicators in real time. PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management (PITM) is an integrated set of web-based solutions that are easy to use and have all the features you need to grow your business, including:

  • Easy to install and use, with minimal impact on IT resources.
  • All information is current and accurate, derived from our exclusive network of more than 180 radar installations providing real-time data that directly benefits our customers.
  • Predictive analytics trigger recommended actions before problems occur.
  • Dashboard visibility and alerts enable operators to manage by exception.
  • Collaborative capabilities allow for information sharing, coordination of efforts, and a common operating picture for a range of users.

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