Aviation Intelligence Center of Excellence


PASSUR combines the best information; the most experienced team of experts (with backgrounds in aviation operations, finance, environment, air traffic management, systems automation, and data visualization, to name a few); and a unique set of predictive algorithms that enable our customers to address complex and expensive constraints that were previously thought to be unsolvable.

Together with “power users” and “thought leaders” within our customer base, this combination of data, experience and best practices, predictive analytics, and decision support software, creates a unique “Center of Excellence” in aviation that generates advanced, integrated solutions in key focus areas.


  • Surface Management (including sequencing and metering). Sample of PASSUR Firsts:
    • Automated departure metering using a “virtual queue”
    • Predicted and target runway configuration and departure rates
    • System-wide solution for DOT Tarmac Delay management
  • Flight Predictability. Sample of PASSUR Firsts:
    • Flight arrival predictions using independent surveillance data
    • Flight arrival predictions for 100% of top US domestic airports
    • Flight arrival predictions for flights in airborne holding
  • Traffic Flow Management. Sample of PASSUR Firsts:
    • Predicted capacity imbalances
    • Predicted and target arrival rates
    • Base-lining performance, top airports in the National Air Space
  • Diversion Management. Sample of PASSUR Firsts:
    • Predicted hold times
    • Status of alternates
    • Diversion decision support in the flight deck
  • Aviation Rates and Charges. Sample of PASSUR Firsts:
    • Automated Landing Fee Billing
    • Independent tail number capture
    • Standardized and automated fees by airlines

The PASSUR Center of Excellence Team

The PASSUR team averages 28+ years of experience in their respective spheres of expertise.

Tom White – EVP Products and Solutions

30+ years of experience with the FAA air traffic management, including tower and terminal approach control manager and ATC specialist in the New York airspace. Former Army helicopter pilot.

CoE Focus Areas: Air Traffic Management (including surface management, departure metering and departure and arrival sequencing, surface predictive modeling), airport demand and capacity modeling and management, use of predictive analytics to manage air traffic, decision support automation and integration, software solutions design and data flow architecture.

Noel Alfonso, Director, Air Traffic Automation

23+ years in business automation and data analysis, including 13 with American Airlines.

CoE Focus Areas: Business intelligence, predictive modeling, data visualization, performance and operations research and evaluation.

David Brukman, Chief Technology Officer

25+ years experience in telecommunications, financial, and market data systems management, automation, and platform distribution, including Bloomberg LP, Interactive Data, Standard & Poor’s, and ADC NewNet.

CoE Focus Areas: Design of high volume, low latency, high resiliency data and information systems; data architecture and management; wide-distribution, high-speed data visualization and collaborative workflow platforms.

Tim Campbell, Chief Operating Officer

30+ years experience in a variety of aerospace roles at the executive level, most recently Senior Vice President, Air Operations for American Airlines where he led the effort to combine the Flight Operations, Inflight Service, Ops Control, and Planning, Performance, and Engineering teams as part of the world’s largest airline merger (American and US Airways). A centerpiece of this work was the successful relocation of US Airways Operations Control Center (OCC) from Moon Township, PA and their pre-merger colleagues at AA into a new, state of the art Integrated Operations Control (IOC) adjacent to AA’s previous facility.

CoE Focus Areas: Airline business operations including finance, IS/IT, operations command/control, large project management, simulation, system optimization and flight crew training with a emphasis on Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM). Additional expertise in operations analysis, performance engineering, regulatory compliance, and emergency management.

William Cranor, VP Customer Operational Advocacy

30+ years experience in airline operations, flight planning, airspace, flight technology and meteorology; and 25+ years airline management experience. Multiple management positions including Managing Director Air Traffic & Meteorology responsible for worldwide ATC coordination, airport construction, ramp control and weather forecasting for the Network Operations group and Director Air Transport Association airlines operations specialist working in the ATCSCC, and International ATM, safety, Aviation security and operations for the Americas and North Atlantic regions at the International Air Transport Association. Founder and leader of Collaborative Decision-Making work groups and Industry lead 2013-2016.

CoE Focus Areas: Airline operational ATC, meteorology and airspace management strategies and best practices. Airline ATC coordination functional and internal/external communications protocols. Integration of ATM support processes and tools into the core operational control and airport environments.

Tim Grovac, VP Information Technology 

33+ years experience in the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller and multiple management positions with 15+ years at the ATCSCC as National Operations and Automation Manager.

CoE Focus Areas: Air traffic flow management technical operations and airport surface and airspace performance analysis; technical expertise in traffic flow management, ground delay programs, and all automation programs related to TFM.

Doug Hofsass, SVP Global Airports and Business Aviation

24+ years of leadership experience in airport & airline operations, aviation planning & analysis and commercial solutions; with specialties in building strategic partnerships and developing collaborative solutions across large aviation networks. Held key roles with United Airlines, several senior executive positions with the US Department of Homeland Security and served in officer positions with BBA Aviation focused on airline and airport services & contracts.

CoE Focus Areas: Airport operations and airport business solutions, strategic partnerships with airport trade associations and company lead for business aviation products.

Bob Junge, VP Airport Solutions

30+ years experience in airport operations and airport management, with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

CoE Focus Areas: Surface management (including winter deicing operations, restricted capacity operations, and departure metering programs), connectivity and collaboration (including airfield information distribution systems and large event management), operations planning and capacity modeling, and airfield rates and charges management.

Howie King, Vice President, Customer Account Management 

25+ years experience managing large scale implementation programs in the aerospace industry, including 9 years as a Program Manager at SAAB Sensis and 12 years with Lockheed Martin/GE Aerospace.

CoE Focus Areas: Air traffic management optimization, airport and airline operations optimization, large program design and implementation, deployment of surface management/multilateration systems.

William Leber, VP Air Traffic Innovations

25+ years experience in air traffic management, including Chief Flight Dispatcher at Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines, and founder and leader of aviation Collaborative Decision Making.

CoE Focus Areas: Airspace and surface air traffic management decision support and optimization; integration of NextGen with commercial air traffic systems and programs; integration of advanced weather systems into air traffic management decision support systems.

Mark Libby, ATC Specialist

38+ years experience with FAA air traffic management, including Air Traffic Manager at the FAA Command Center (ATCSCC), Manager Collaborative Decision Making/International Operations, Manager ATCSCC Automation, and National Operations Manager.

CoE Focus Areas: Surface Management (including departure metering, and arrival and departure sequencing), collaborative decision-making, traffic management optimization program design and management, technical training for large teams in change management and process reengineering.

Chris Maccarone, Vice President, Financial and Performance Analysis

18+ years experience at Northwest Airlines in airline flight and system operations and financial planning and analysis.

CoE Focus Areas: Airline and Airport fees and charges optimization, air traffic management automation benefits measurement and reporting, return on investment modeling, business case planning.

Leo Prusak, Vice President of Air Traffic Management Products and Strategy

33+ years experience with FAA air traffic management, including tower and terminal approach control manager and ATC specialist in the New York airspace.

CoE Focus Areas: Air Traffic Management, airport demand and capacity modeling and management, use of predictive analytics to manage air traffic, decision support automation and integration, software solutions design and data flow architecture. Broad spectrum data virtualization and post operations big data analytics. Strategic and tactical capacity management. Integration of weather intelligence data into air traffic management decision support systems.

John Shaffrey, ATC Specialist

30+ years experience with FAA air traffic management, including National Operations Manager and Manager for Strategic Operations and Domestic Procedures.

CoE Focus Areas: Air Traffic Flow Management operations, redesign, and modernization; airport surface operations performance analysis; technical training for large teams in change management and process reengineering.

Dan Smiley, SVP, Global ATM

33+ years experience in FAA and International System Operations. Dan has extensive knowledge of systemic ATFM operations and optimization. Prior to joining PASSUR Aerospace, Dan was Vice President of System Operations Services for the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) of the FAA.  Previously Dan held many senior positions on the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO) including Director Surface Flow Management, Manager FAA Command Center, Manager Enroute, Oceanic, Traffic Management Procedures, Manager CANSO Operations Committee, and enroute air traffic controller.

CoE Focus Areas: Strategic flow management, surface traffic management, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), national operations oversight – all flight services, airspace security, air traffic flow management, operational analysis and performance management, international liaison activities. System requirements development. Operational procedures development. Military liaison operations.

Keith Wichman, SVP, Global Airlines

25+ years experience in air traffic and flight management systems and automation, including 12 years as Lead Research Engineer, Aircraft Flight Controls and Handling Qualities, NASA Dryden, and 15 years with GE avionics, flight management, and air traffic management systems.

CoE Focus Areas: Integrated traffic management optimization, airline operations optimization, large program design and implementation, product and strategy leader for ATM and airline efficiencies

Group in Florida

Members of the PASSUR team at our 2015 User Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL