The Efficient and Predictable Airport


“PASSUR addresses an airport’s biggest concerns: financial responsibility and operational reliability.”
– Airport CFO

There are many expectations for today’s airports:
  • Airports are expected to be full partners with all other key aviation stakeholders in ensuring a disruption-free, predictable, safe, and environmentally responsible flight experience – while also providing a cost-effective operating environment that contributes to their carriers’ profitable growth.
  • Airports are expected, along with airlines and government air traffic service providers, to quickly and effectively respond to and mitigate major onboard delays and passenger terminal congestion caused by diversions, cancellations, weather events, and other incidents.
  • Airports are expected to capture all revenues from all flights; assure their airline partners that fees are levied fairly, transparently, and efficiently; and explore new avenues of activity-based revenue.

The “Surface Operation” of an airport is perhaps today’s single biggest opportunity for gains in efficiencies, cost control, passenger experience and goodwill, and environmental stewardship. PASSUR’s airport solutions enable airports to embrace this opportunity fully, confidently, and proactively.

  • The PASSUR Collaboration and Connectivity platform – Allows airports to become full partners in the daily management of national airspace, linking an individual airport to hundreds of other airports and airlines in real time.
  • The PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management platform (PITM) – Lets airports manage their operation systemically, as part of an integrated flight lifecycle and an integrated national system, on the same operating platform used by the major airlines.
  • The PASSUR Integrated Fee Management platform (PIFM) – Gives airports and airlines the assurance that all billable weight is being captured, that the cost of the airfield is being distributed fairly and equitably, and that the process is transparent, automated, and standardized.
  • The PASSUR Airport Environmental Compliance program – Allows airports to fulfill their obligation to be good neighbors by allowing them to take the lead on noise and emissions reduction initiatives.