The Efficient and Predictable Flight


PASSUR’s mission for airlines is threefold:
  • To improve global air traffic efficiencies by putting intelligent information and decision support solutions in the hands of smart people.
  • To connect the world’s aviation professionals onto a single platform.
  • To ensure an unimpeded flight, gate-to-gate, by addressing the key chokepoints along the flight trajectory.

PASSUR identifies the constraints, provides solutions to address them, and then measures the results, all on a single platform– PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management (PITM). PITM is a web-hosted integrated business intelligence platform that targets key constraints throughout the entire flight lifecycle to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience.

  • PASSUR targets the $30 billion-plus costs of delays, cancellations, diversions, and other disrupted operations – and the related costs in passenger goodwill and brand perception.
  • We see the costs and complexities previously thought to be simply “a cost of doing business” as a major opportunity for optimization, cost cutting, passenger care, and brand stewardship.
  • We work with many of the largest, most innovative global airlines, including all of the top North American airlines and – through our global Connectivity and Collaboration program – 125 international airlines.
PASSUR’s solutions enable airlines to:
  • Predict arrival times more accurately.
  • Anticipate pending airport delays.
  • Manage congested airways, surface operations, and irregular events more effectively.
  • Coordinate with other aviation organizations to help ensure smooth and predictable operations.
Market Need PITM Solutions
Address “disruption events” through the entire flight lifecycle on a continuum of integrated capabilities (“gate to gate”) impacting specific operational and financial metrics Target major constraints throughout the lifecycle of a flight
Emphasize decision support in addition to situational awareness Predictive analytics provide recommended actions and predicted outcomes, and support a proactive vs. reactive posture
Minimize internal IT resource requirements Web-based delivery means no airline IT requirements
Generate immediate, measurable benefits – financial, operational, and customer experience Proven in real-world airline operating environment with detailed ROI calculators provided; integrated platform allows for reduction in other vendors/providers
Deploy systemic solutions Covers entire airline network; creates common operating/collaborative platform within airline ops/hub control, between mainline/regionals, and with airports