Return on Investment


“Atlantic Aviation’s highest goal is providing the best customer service possible. PASSUR and their system solutions allow our operations to proactively prepare to service our customers. Our implementation of PASSUR’s systems and technology will provide Atlantic with an increased understanding of customer needs and allow us to adjust our business processes quickly.”

– Senior Financial Executive, Atlantic Aviation

“Tampa International Jet Center is one of the top rated FBOs in the nation, and we believe PASSUR FBO will help us continue our leadership position. Keeping our customers coming back time and again requires superior, personalized service – and we see PASSUR FBO being an important part of our coordinated service plan.”

– Senior Executive, Tampa International Jet Center

“We’ve been very pleased with the first wave of PASSUR FBO implementation – as have our customers. The new fuel portal provides support tools and customer reports on the PASSUR screen, which will help us better manage our customer data and allow our GM’s to electronically manage fuel. Standardized information that is available quickly and electronically is essential for an FBO network. The PASSUR Fuel enhancement is another important step in that direction, introducing a higher level of discipline into pricing and marketing of fuel.”

– Marking Executive, Landmark Aviation

“The ability to utilize a comprehensive program that allows us to maximize every opportunity to exceed the expectations of current and potential customers is what makes PASSUR FBO solutions a ‘must have’ for Pentastar Aviation”

– Senior Executive, Pentastar Aviation

“The PASSUR tools give us a competitive edge in both service and marketing,. They allow us to provide a premium service to our customer base, through more accurate and visually compelling live information, and direct web access to airport operations. The marketing tools enable us to reach our key customer target list through a simple, all-in-one marketing program on the web. In the past, getting the information we needed about the target customers we wanted to reach was time consuming, labor intensive, expensive, and often inaccurate; with PASSUR tools, it’s fast, simple, affordable, and there’s no database that’s more accurate – we’re very pleased.”

– Senior Executive, Sheltair

“As a newly independent facility with new, state-of-the-art infrastructure, it is doubly important for us to reinforce our brand to the market. PASSUR FBO is a major addition to our customer-service and operational capabilities, adding value to our FBO, Charter, and aircraft management services. We have invested a lot in all these services and facilities, and PASSUR helps to ensure that investment achieves its full potential in the market.”

– Senior Executive, Meridian

“PASSUR FBO generates additional revenue by allowing me to identify my most profitable business opportunities – the annual subscription paid for itself in less than one month,. In one of the most competitive markets, PASSUR is a key advantage – I refer to it in my marketing material to demonstrate our dedication to service and quality. Between the accuracy of the data, the quality and competence of the service, and the ease of use, I found PASSUR to be far superior to any other product I evaluated. As a new company we were able to enjoy a six-month head start in our marketing efforts due to PASSUR’s integrated flight tracking and database features. Every FBO would benefit from PASSUR’s powerful system and excellent technical support staff.”

– Senior Executive, Great Circle Flight Services

“The minute a Swift customer walks in our building or speaks to one of our service agents, they know we stand for quality; PASSUR and it’s unique system not only helps to generate revenue for our FBO, it helps to ensure our professionals can immediately respond to our customer’s exacting standards,”

– Director, Swift Aviation

“We are always pleased to partner with companies who match our core mission. Accuracy is everything in our business; we serve the most demanding clientele, and we can never be surprised by an arrival. The PASSUR system is clearly a superior solution for real-time customer service. Its marketing advantages are a real plus as well; getting more sales with less effort is a winner in any business.”

– Senior Executive, Jet Aviation