Return on Investment


“As home to the world’s sixth busiest airline hub, and with more than 1200 peak-daily arrivals and departures by a total of 11 scheduled passenger airlines – including four foreign-flag carriers – we consider it critical to ensure our real-time operational connectivity with airlines, airports, and others around the world,”

– Senior Operations Executive, Wayne County Airport Authority (operator of Detroit Metro Airport)

“Airports are undertaking new roles and responsibilities – such as assisting air traffic control and our airline partners in the coordination and management of surface operations, diversions, and tarmac delays. We need an entirely new set of capabilities for communicating and collaborating with those partners in order to enhance the MSP passenger experience. PASSUR OPSnet FCR is a proven platform that will give us the capabilities to work with our stakeholders in that endeavor.”

– Assistant Director, Minneapolis Airport Operations.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that our landing fee program is managed as efficiently, cost effectively and transparently as possible. The PASSUR Landing Fee Management program gives us the ability to manage this aspect of our business in a way that meets our airline tenants’ objectives, as well as our own key financial and management goals.”

– Director, Cleveland Airport System

“PASSUR OPSnet FCR will allow us to utilize technology to enhance our operational efficiency and flexibility and improve our situational awareness”

– Director, City of Boise

“I am particularly excited about this system. Its deployment will provide our team with another tool in our toolbox to provide timely and accurate communication and information to our airport community.”

– Deputy Director, Operations and Security, City of Boise

“We are proud to be part of this expanding network. This system will allow for streamlined communications between airport operations, air traffic control, and our airline partners, particularly during rapidly changing winter weather conditions.”

– Aviation Director at the Greater Rochester International Airport

“The automated, accurate data provided by this system will help ensure efficient, safe operations. It will benefit BWI Marshall, our airline partners, and our customers.”

– Executive Director of BWI Marshall Airport.

“Our customers expect a predictable travel experience and cost effective management of our aviation operation. Airline carriers, in particular, want us to partner in helping them deliver a profitable, on-time schedule. The PASSUR solution sets are part of our ongoing commitment to deliver to our partners.”

– Executive Director, Salt Lake City Department of Airports

“A transparent, accurate and automated landing fee process benefits the airport, its airline partners, and other users of the facility. We selected PASSUR’s Landing Fee Management program because of its widespread adoption by the industry, its reputation for accuracy, and because it will pay for itself.”  – Executive Director, Fort Myers Airport