Return on Investment


“We’re doing everything we can to enhance the customer experience while reducing costs, and PASSUR’s contract falls right in line with that strategy.”

– Director, Southwest Airlines’ Operations Coordination Center

“PASSUR is a critical partner in our strategic operating plan. As we grow in size and complexity, particularly with our focus in the northeast and its complicated airspace, we view operations business intelligence as a major opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and continue to deliver superior customer care. We believe PASSUR to be a leader in aviation operations business intelligence.”

– Executive Vice President, jetBlue Airways

“Our business partner PASSUR’s latest innovative solution, ATC Portal, gives us a whole new level of visibility, diagnostics, and decision support in dealing with chronic air traffic issues in the New York airspace – with real, documented financial results,. Based on our experience with other PASSUR software, and our review of the product, we know ATC Portal will make a difference.”

– Director, jetBlue Airways

“Today we’re looking for every opportunity to reduce costs while continuing to provide our superior service; the PASSUR suite of tools helps us to be ready for aircraft when they arrive, connect customers more efficiently, and analyze our operations to ensure we are maximizing productivity. The people from Megadata (PASSUR Aerospace) listened to our key issues and returned with targeted solutions – we have a good partnership.”

– Director, jetBlue Airways

“We’re excited by the savings and improved customer satisfaction that will come from the proper integration of the product into the work systems of US Airways. We anticipate eventually implementing additional PASSUR applications in multiple phases throughout the airline.”

– Executive, American Airlines (formerly US Airways)