User Experience Manager


CT Office

Position Description

The User Experience Manager (UXM) will set the standards for the user interaction of the PASSUR Aerospace portfolio of products, to enhance usability, adoption, and branding. The position will be responsible for the appearance and interaction on the Web, tablet and mobile devices, as well as branding using presentations, letterhead and other media.

  • The UXM will work closely with Product Managers to create and apply design standards to existing and new products.
  • The User Experience Manager will create a company design handbook with rules for all product releases, including standard fonts, colors, feature placements, etc.
  • The UXM will work with users and potential users to create and refine the use models that support the customer workflow, and anticipated operating environments.
  • The User Experience Manager will work with Product Managers to create artwork, mock-ups, and user interaction models, engaging external resources as required for graphics design or other specialized areas.
  • The UXM will work with Technology to ensure the new and updated releases are consistent with the company design style, as well as fulfill the specific product needs. The UXM will enforce a consistent look, feel, format and nomenclature to all products — being part of the QA cycle.
  • The UXM will keep track of design trends in the specific industry — e.g. Air Traffic Management — applicable to the product portfolio to achieve both the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of innovation in the PASSUR Product portfolio.
  • The UXM will keep track of broad UI and UX trends to make sure the PASSUR products provide experience consistent with best practices and general expectations of professionals familiar with the latest desktop and mobile applications.
  • The UXM will work with third party design shops when necessary to complete work.
Minimum Requirements
  • Demonstrated User Experience work targeted at professionals in one or more verticals; as well as selection and management of design vendors.
  • Experience in graphics design is a strong preference.
  • Knowledge of aviation is a plus.

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