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Airports turn to PASSUR to help them communicate, coordinate and draw upon consistent information in real-time.  Scroll the list below for some real-world examples of how PASSUR is helping airports improve their performance and overall efficiency.

“Coordination of resources during regular and irregular operations is key to a successful operation, ensuring maximum performance and continuing customer satisfaction. [PASSUR OPSnet allows this apirport] to be fully ready for the increased or decreased airport demand, ensuring we’re ready for every scenario.”

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“We wanted to reach out to our noise-impacted community in an innovative, proactive way. The enhanced version of AirportMonitor allows us to communicate the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of noise events immediately, online, and within a compelling visual display of the airspace. It takes communication, dialogue and community interaction to a new level.”

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“Our new PASSUR program, by ensuring that landing fee collection is based on the true landed weights and exact segments flown, will help us serve our tenant customers better, by assuring them that the landing fee program is being applied equitably, professionally, and efficiently. After extensive analysis, we have found PASSUR Pulse to be accurate, time saving and ultimately resulting in more complete and quicker revenue collection.”

“The self-reporting method of managing one of the most critical sources of airport revenue is obsolete. By giving us accurate, independent, and instant landing fee reports, our program, using PASSUR Pulse, provides what we and the carriers have long wanted, which is a more efficient, transparent and standardized landing fee process."

"PASSUR is going to help us bring airport revenue management to the next generation."

“We’re blown away by the ETA accuracy.”

“Landing fees account for a sizeable share of our airport’s budget, we need a premier system to ensure accurate and timely billing. We chose the PASSUR tool…and are confident we’ve selected the best capability for our requirements.”

“We were looking for a system to provide accurate and timely flight information, which are the keys to supplying a high level of customer service for our travelers and the community. We expect [PASSUR] service to help us meet our goal.”

“PASSUR is a terrific partner for our airport …the issue of landing fee management, in terms of getting much better control and visibility into our revenues, and providing a higher level of predictability, transparency and service to our signatory users… more accurate FIDS information we’ll be providing, and the instant collaborative decision making capabilities for our Airport Operations Center and Emergency Operations Center…[were all] important factors in our decision to partner with them.”

“We have very ambitious plans in the areas of flight operations, noise monitoring, planning, and revenue management, to accommodate our dramatic growth. PASSUR is an important element in all those aspects.”

“Our operations supervisors use Pulse to make personnel resource planning decisions and access workload requirements, while I constantly archive the data to prepare a more accurate picture of fleet mix and runway use. The Web-based presentation is so attractive and useful we display the output for use of our GA crews and passengers.”

 “We are pleased to have played a role in enabling our airports to provide the next generation in flight tracking that the public can access directly from their home.”

“We receive very few questions on how to use AirportMonitor from our users. People tell us it is easy to use and understand – a big plus for us, eliminating the need for orientation, training, and time-consuming customer support from a busy airport staff.”

 “We did our due diligence and were impressed with the positive feedback from the airport community about PASSUR solutions. Once we saw that the landing fee audit tool was going to allow us to maximize our revenue and better serve our airline customers, signing up for the rest of the suite fell into place.”

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