Surface Metering and Sequencing


At a Glance

Uncoordinated arrival and departure sequencing at constrained airports with today’s “first-come, first-served” policy creates unacceptable delays and disruptions, and ignores airline business objectives. PASSUR Surface Metering and Sequencing enables airlines to prioritize high-value flights, reduce the number of aircraft waiting to take off, and order arrivals and departures to most efficiently use gates.

  • At one hub airport, the implementation of departure metering was estimated to save between $10-$15 million in fuel savings.

How PASSUR Solutions Help to Address the Problem

PASSUR’s Departure Metering solution creates a “virtual departure queue,” in which departures are metered before they “call for service” from the tower. As a result, once aircraft enter the active taxiway, they are ready to depart quickly.

An automated slot management program fairly and equitably organizes departure slot requests and assignments.

With this solution, carriers can efficiently and accurately predict arrival vs. departure demand and system capacity, ensuring optimal operations and minimized performance impacts.

What makes it Unique

PASSUR has led the industry in the development of departure metering and sequencing solutions designed to optimize commercial operational and business priorities, with the most deployments in North America in the most diverse number of configurations. The PASSUR solutions are uniquely optimized by unmatched accuracy of forecasted demand and capacity, which ensures that the metering and sequencing programs are optimized for anticipated conditions.

Key Metrics improved
  • Schedule integrity for high-value flights
    • Fewer minutes of delay
    • Fewer minutes of taxi-out fuel burn
  • Reduced fuel costs and emissions
    • Reduced risk of DOT tarmac delay fines
  • Deice dwell time
    • Fewer minutes spent in deice queue (into deice pad and after deicing)
    • Less secondary deicing
    • Fewer delay minutes on departure
    • Reduced fuel burn related to deice queue (pre and post)
What the Airlines will do Differently

Using PASSUR’s collaborative metering or sequencing software, airlines are able to coordinate with ATC, ground operations, and all other airlines to maximize the available gate, ramp, runway, and departure fix capacity.

Industry use

A program pioneered by PASSUR in North America, is now used at several of the largest airports in North America

Snapshot Case Studies

Annual benefits from PASSUR Departure Metering at a major US airport:

  • 14,800 hours total reduced taxi time
  • $11 million savings in fuel costs
  • 48,000 tons reduced emissions

Seasonal Benefits, First Winter of Deice Metering, two major US airports:

  • $2.7 million savings to the airlines from:
    • Reduced Secondary Deicing
    • Reduced Fuel Burn
    • Fewer Diversions