The Power of the PASSUR Platform


The PASSUR Platform is a unique aviation intelligence resource which:

  • Integrates and makes available data and information from all key stakeholders – airlines, airports, business aviation, and government – combined with PASSUR’s independent surveillance capabilities.
  • Is trusted by all key stakeholders to blend these disparate, siloed data streams into an integrated whole, to create visibility and solutions for key financial, operational, and customer service metrics that would not be possible on their own.
  • Enables all key stakeholders to communicate and collaborate in real time using the same common operating picture.
  • Represents operational best practices from all stakeholders, in the form of software and decision support solutions that have been designed from the ground up with input from some of the industry’s most experienced leaders in airline, airport, business aviation, and government – in operations, marketing, finance, and air traffic management.
  • Allows stakeholders to identify and optimize the most expensive and complex constraints in the system, and measure the results.

Extensive Capabilities for Airlines, Airports, Business Aviation, and Government

PASSUR’s aviation intelligence and predictive analytics solutions bring cost-effective, proven results to airports, domestic and international airlines, business aviation, and government agencies.

Our integrated surveillance network, decision support software and web-based collaborative management tools, along with a professional team of aviation experts, enable our clients to enhance operational efficiency, increase safety and security, and improve the passenger experience.

For Airlines

PASSUR provides solutions for airlines of every size through the PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management (PITM) platform. Learn more about how PASSUR solutions can help your airline address complex, expensive constraints that directly impact critical financial, operational, and customer care metrics. Learn more »

For Airports

PASSUR helps commercial airports strengthen operational reliability and financial predictability, through solutions for surface management, diversion management landing fee management, passenger information, and more. Learn more »

For Business Aviation

PASSUR provides innovative business intelligence solutions for business aviation – FBOs and flight management organizations – that help ensure customer loyalty and retention, segmented and targeted pricing and marketing, and a competitively distinct customer service offering. Learn more »

For Government

PASSUR’s Integrated Traffic Management platform allows government air traffic service providers to collaborate with airports and airlines to maximize the use of today’s traffic management infrastructure while creating the operational and business cases for airspace modernization investments like                                          NextGen. Learn more »


On-site or on-call, the experienced service professionals and subject matter experts at the PASSUR Centers of Excellence work with your project, operations and financial staff on an as-needed basis to help you maximize the effectiveness of your PASSUR solutions, shorten the learning curve, and ensure a clear Return on Investment case that can be shared throughout your organization. Learn more »