Return on Investment

Our customers, using our solutions, generate the following returns.

Select a category below to see how PASSUR is helping their customers achieve immediate results with PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management:

Flight Predictability

$3.2 Million

Annual costs for misconnections, one airline, one airport.[5]

$15 Million

Annual savings using the new PASSUR gate-to-gate Predicted Arrival Time solution[1]

12/day to ~zero

Reduction in daily arrival gate-holds and “unmets” at a major hub, reported by an airline using the PASSUR Predicted Arrival Time solution[1]


Independent airline studies that have shown PASSUR Predicted Arrival Time as the most accurate

Traffic Flow Management

$160 Million

Per year in costs from Traffic Management Iniatives (TMIs) at one single hub for one airline[5]

$12 Million

Estimated annual reduction in TMI costs (delay minutes per flight), one airline at three airports[4]


Actual delay minutes eliminated, from TMI management, in one year for one airline[1]


To goal in targeted reduction in delay minutes, for one airline[1]

Surface Management

$10M – $15M

Actual annualized fuel savings, one year, one major airport using PASSUR Surface Management ($2-$3/gallon)[2]

14,800 hours

Actual annualized reduction in taxi-out delays, one major airport using PASSUR Surface Management[2]

5 Million

Actual annualized gallons of fuel saved one year, one major airport using PASSUR Surface Management[2]


Actual annualized metric tons of co2 reduced one year, one major airport using PASSUR Surface Management[2]

Diversion Management

18,800 diversions, $423 Million

Estimated total number and cost of diversions, US-wide, 2013-2014[6]

1.6 Million Passengers

Estimated total number of passengers who diverted, 2013-2014[6]


Costs of diversion for 1 wide-body international flight[3]


Actual reduction in diversions, reported by one airline using PASSUR Diversion Management[1]

$46 Million

In estimated reduced diversion costs, if the same 11% savings from one airline was applied across all carriers, 2013-2014[4]

171,000 Passengers

Passengers who would have reached their destination (instead of diverting), using the 11% prevented diversions rate reported by one airline[6]

Airport Fee Management

$1.2 Billion

Estimated total managed annually on PASSUR Landing Fee Management solution, across 35+ airports


Actual range of un-captured landed weight, over 22 airport audits[4]

$36 Million

Annual savings to carriers @ 1% landed weight recovery, top 6 US carriers, system-wide[4]


Actual under-reported monthly revenue, at one airport audited by PASSUR

Business Aviation

$5.5 Million

Estimated new business, higher fuel sales, and reduction in marketing expenditures, 15-FBO network, PASSUR FBO Marketing solutions, 1 year[5]

$1.5 Million

Estimated increased revenue through smarter fuel pricing and hangar leasing, 15-FBO network, PASSUR FBO Marketing solutions, 1 year[5]

About the sources for numbers on this page: Each of the value statements on this page is derived from a specific source, which includes one of more of the following:

1. Airline Internal Reports – Analysis and reports generated by PASSUR airline customers internally and shared with us.

2. MIT Lincoln Labs, 2011 – Analysis of a Surface Congestion Management Technique at New York JFK Airport.

3. Jenkins/Cotton, 2002, GW University Aviation Institute – Improving Airline Profitability Through Better Estimated Times of Arrival and Terminal Area Flight Information: a Benefit Analysis of PASSUR.

4. PASSUR Customer Value Assessment – Detailed Return on Investment calculators prepared for specific customers and validated with their financial and operational teams.

5. PASSUR Financial Impact Studies – Detailed overviews of how specific PASSUR solutions impact key operational metrics and the estimated cost savings by metric.

6. PASSUR Financial Impact Studies – PASSUR Monthly Diversion Reports.