Airport Information Network

Airport Information Network (AIN) consolidates PASSUR's proven, deployed, and widely-used capabilities in tarmac delay, diversion management, and field condition reporting onto a single, national industry platform that:

  • Proactively pushes alerts to changes in airport status and important instant messaging from airport operators for all airports in the system
  • Tracks diversions currently on the ground and en-route -- anywhere in the system


To access the Airport Information Network, click here.

National Collaborative Resource

AIN creates a single, centralized and standardized resource to manage both day-to-day information sharing and severe disruptions in the NAS. It addresses the industry's need for a collaborative platform where all stakeholders -- airports, airlines, corporate aviation, ATC, ground handlers, and other support services -- are united on a common operating platform and share the the same timely and accurate information. 

No Cost to Join

As a service to the industry, PASSUR has created an introductory level of access for aviation professionals  -- at no cost. This provides everyone with a basic level of information to address the most acute risks of diversions and tarmac delays.  Click here to request more information.